Some Emerging Options For Picking Out Aspects In Online Casino

Oct 11, 2018

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Emerging Options For Efficient [gambling] Programs

Outlines For Level-headed Strategies For

When it comes to gambling, its all about attitude

I walk into a casino with the same attitude I have when Im about to make a donation to a charity thats intent on finding a cure for athletes foot. Being a non-gambler (read loser) came crashing down on me when I spent a couple of years broadcasting poker on network television. Poker players will gamble on anything. Its in their blood. I once was sitting at breakfast with two poker legends, Phil Ivey and Chris Ferguson. It was raining outside and Chris pointed to a drop on the window and said, Phil, Ill bet you $1,000 that my drop reaches the window sill before yours. Im sitting there debating whether I should order eggs or waffles, and theyre engaged in a high stakes thunderstorm.

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